"Hope all is well with you, I have been listening to your album a lot (I have it in my car, my phone and ipad) and played it to a bunch of my friends - including Paul [Gilbert] and Shane [Gibson] as well as a bunch of other musicians. Everybody was extremely impressed, almost startled by it! The reactions have been extremely intense and whether people fully understood it or not, everybody was totally intrigued and captivated by it. I loved watching their reactions and it cracked me up seeing peoples expression of disbelief and surprise. Great stuff indeed. That's what any good art should provoke - a totally emotional reaction. Great album Lee. I love it."

                 - Thomas Lang


Lee Wanner is one of the most positive surprises in recent years – check out his stuff and you’ll know what I mean! Just when you think you heard it all, a guy like Lee Wanner comes around - to prove you wrong. Awesome!!!

                 - Alex Machacek 


"Kanonkille. Kanonmusiker!"

                 - Morgan Agren


"I bought your record today and from what I've heard, I would't worry about shit. Your music demands that a side be chosen. Put that quote on your website."

                 - Neal Fountain

Neal Fountain new

"I think you are going to surpass your heroes very fast, faster than you think... and you'll only go through a process of being disappointed in them and that you are better off doing things yourself and just asking for technical advice. You're more intelligent than these people, I think."

                 - Carl King


"Working with Lee, on top of being a smooth, professional experience, has resulted in my mixes sounding just as I imagined they should be - a rare asset on a production team in creative pursuit."

                 -Patrick Healy


"Ridiculously talented..."

                 - Laura Vall


"Lee is a rare breed. He is not just someone with an incredible musical depth or ability on the instrument. He is not just someone who possesses an astounding amount of knowledge. Lee is a real artist. From writing / producing / performing / programming / mixing his own records preposterously well, to backing that up with a very real artistic sense.  It is this reason that I study with him. In 2 lessons I have learned more than 2 years of self study. If you're serious about improving as a musician and artist, studying with Lee will only help you, and quickly."

                 - Jordan Ferreira


You're a special individual. I've always thought so; and I'm so proud of the accomplishments you've made and your constitution about things... I never have had a student that I was more proud of.

                 - Dustin Jones

Dustin Jones

"When I needed to check myself and get back on top of my game, seeking out Lee was the best thing to do. He is all about presenting each lesson with real tools that really give results and doesn't just spoon feed you information or shove a licks-book in front of you to memorize. Each lesson was intuitive as he shared his method on how to better listen and discern phrasing and note selection. With his approach one can learn to really listen instead of just going through the motions."

                 - Al Pimentel

Al Sax