Ready to make an album?

No matter what stage your record is in currently, whether you need someone to track instruments or are in need of a professional quality mix/master, I can help. To me, the album is a sacred art form and an end in itself. The culmination of all a musician's efforts. When it comes time to record, there is nothing more important than making it sound right, as good as possible, without compromise.

Session Recording -
You might find yourself working alongside a team of brilliant musicians; each accountable and of great integrity, who are highly invested in the creative process and have established the workflow necessary to make a masterpiece album. However, It isn't uncommon for hiccups and unexpected difficulties to occur which can get in the way of that goal. Very often, there is a roll in the band which hasn't been satisfactorily filled; or perhaps it has, yet the resources necessary to create a world class recording are out of reach for the time being... for example, the cost of recording a drum set requires quite a lot of gear and adequate space, such as 10+ microphones and a studio - this is why bands with perfectly devoted and amazingly talented drummers, or pianists without a Steinway handy, even music created for independent films and commercials, will often use virtual instruments. I am able to record the instruments needed to complete your record, such as: guitar, drum, bass, piano, even banjo and real woodwinds, for literally any genre (everything from 8-string guitars to upright/grand pianos and fretless/upright/acoustic/rock basses and drums of every size/sound imaginable).

Mixing/Mastering -
The importance of having your album mixed and mastered with great care cannot be overstated - it is literally the sound of your album at stake. When you consider how much time and concentration has gone into the composition of your music, the focus and diligence when preparing for the recording of it, etc... it would feel somehow criminal to neglect it in this final stage. There is one extremely common tragedy that an artist might incur when hiring someone to mix/master an album and this is that most "professionals" don't care about your work they way you do and do not invest their all into it - I think it is unacceptable. When an album is mixed, it must be done with the same sense integrity and artistry as when one performs or composes. You and I may be perfect strangers to one another, but I have a personal relationship with the craft. The sound of recorded music is my greatest passion, my deepest love and I am devoted to it entirely.

Standards and Examples - 
I'm committed to attaining the highest standard possible to me in every instance, only wanting to do work that I am proud of, with the quality of my work as a statement of my integrity.

Have a listen through the various clips below to hear examples from a large range of genres and if there is anything you are wondering about and didn’t hear an example from the list below, feel free to write me an email via the contact page and I’ll likely be able to send you an example of specifically what you are looking for!


1. "Sunlight Sonata" - Piano

2. "Oh Life" - Piano, Drums, Bass 

3. "Happiness" - Piano, Drums, Bass

4. WTC Book II No.3 Prelude In C Sharp - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Piano

5. Old Country Guitar Solo - Guitar, Bass, Drums

6. Jazzy Skynyrd-ish Guitar Solo - Guitar, Bass, Drums

 7. Slap Acoustic

8. Country Banjo 

 9. Rodeo Guitar Solo -Guitar, Bass, drums

 10. Orchestra 1 (Feat. Christanna Rowader)

11. Orchestra 2 (Feat. Christanna Rowader)

12. Meds - Guitar, Piano, Bass 

13. Funk1 - Guitar, Synths, Bass, drums

14. Funk Slap - Guitar, Synths, Bass, drums

15. Funk Fretless - Guitar, Synths, Various Basses, drums

16. Funk, Many basses - Guitar, Synths, Various Basses, drums

17. Funk Transitioning basses - Guitar, Synths, Various Basses, drums

18. Funk jazz-Organ solo - Guitar, Organ, Synths, Various Basses, drums

19. Funk Elastic - Guitar, Synths, Basses, drums

20. Funk club-mood - Keys, Synths, Basses, drums

21. Funk Electro - Synths, Basses, drums

22. Fusion Jam, Feat Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci - Guitar

23. Fusion Jam 2, Feat Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci - Guitar

24. Fusion Jam 3, Feat Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci - Guitar

25. Fusion Jam 4, Feat Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci - Guitar

26. Fusion Jam 5, Feat Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci - Guitar

27. Fusion Jam 6, Feat Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci - Guitar

28. Fusion Jam 7 Feat Marco Minnemann and Ric Fierabracci - Guitar

 29. Sci-fi Score

30. Horror Score 1

31. Horror Score 2

Horror Score 3

32. Horror Score 4

33. Horror Score 5

34. Horror Score 6

35. Nothing Compares 2 U

36. Electronic 1

37. Electronic 2

38. Electronic 3

39. Electronic 4

40. Electronic 5

41. Acoustic, Drums, Bass, Piano

42. Acoustic, Drums, Bass, Piano, Sax

43. Metal 1 - Guitar, Bass, Drums

44. Metal 2 - Guitar, Bass, Drums

45. Metal 3 - Guitar, Bass, Drums

46. Metal 4 - Guitar, Bass, Drums

47. Metal 5 - Guitar, Bass, Drums

48. Metal 6 - Guitar, Bass, Drums

49. Metal 7 - Guitar, Bass, Drums

50. Prelude in C - Retro hip-hop drums, guitar, piano, keys



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