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Released, 2014


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Vs. Other People is a hodgepodge of cover songs that were originally written by various artists such as: Frank Zappa, J.C. Bach, Knower, Parliament, Paul Gilbert and Racer X, Lisa Hannigan, Randy Newman, Joanna Newsom, Bernadette Peters and other miscellaneous/traditional tunes like “Happy Birthday” and “Silent Night”. Also I was very lucky to have some guests on this album – Morgan Agren, Genevieve Artadi of Knower and the awesome vocals of little Raia Braziel (five or six years old at the time). This is a “From the vault” style album, where some tunes were recorded long ago and the performances and overall production quality varies somewhat depending on when it was made and how much I had known at that particular time; however, the entire collection of works were remixed and remastered before being released together as one item. Enjoy these weird interpretations of songs I like…

2 reviews for Vs. Other People (Digital Download)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Amazing. Surprising. Intriguing. I have great enjoyment each time i listen to this great album. This is “fusion” in the most delightful meaning to my ears, as i can’t expect anything from the next track, i love it! This is intellectual music for advanced listeners, with humour and nonsense, but sometime the stuff is just powerful enough to stop thinking and just banging, or you’re suddenly feeling a disturbing melancholia… This is Art, congratulations Mr Wanner.

  2. 1 out of 5


    Your answer lifts the inineltglece of the debate.

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