Vs. Other People (Digital Download)


Released, 2014



Vs. Other People is a hodgepodge of cover songs that were originally written by various artists such as: Frank Zappa, J.C. Bach, Knower, Parliament, Paul Gilbert and Racer X, Lisa Hannigan, Randy Newman, Joanna Newsom, Bernadette Peters and other miscellaneous/traditional tunes like “Happy Birthday” and “Silent Night”. Also I was very lucky to have some guests on this album – Morgan Agren, Genevieve Artadi of Knower and the awesome vocals of little Raia Braziel (five or six years old at the time). This is a “From the vault” style album, where some tunes were recorded long ago and the performances and overall production quality varies somewhat depending on when it was made and how much I had known at that particular time; however, the entire collection of works were remixed and remastered before being released together as one item. Enjoy these weird interpretations of songs I like…