Lee – I Totally Scored! Volume One – H.P. Lovecraft (Digital Download)


Released, 2013



“I Totally Scored! Volume One: H.P. Lovecraft” – That is actually some scoring work that I did for a live performance theater. It’s not for everyone, but the same would be said for all my work, haha. What one must consider when listening to that particular album, is that it is score, not songs… each piece was intended to develop in such a way, as to accommodate a stage of actors speaking of specific things while standing in specific environments. I’m proud of the things I’ve learned in making that album. Let me give you some back-story to the compositions… When I was asked to do the gig, I said yes right away, for the sole reason that I was a fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s writing, from Jr. High up through the early M.I. years, particularly for his long, lavish descriptions of indescribable things and indescribable places. I very meticulously used sounds from the settings of the stories as instruments, then also used traditional instruments, in a manner which reflects that.

Just one example: “The Picture In The House” incorporates or eludes to the elements of the story – a bicycle, the house (i.e. wind chimes), the weather, the fire place, the footsteps, instruments from our native and more rural lands such as banjo and piano (the latter being played haphazardly, the former occurring more as a reminder, or the texture, of the protagonist’s situation); also there are wind instruments that I actually play (and actually play horribly) that are there to depict the country of “The Picture’s” origin, which was a place of savagery and cannibalism… added to the piece are the sounds of sawing (as people had been quartered in that land and in that picture) and finally the climax of the story was illustrated by my favorite moment of the track… in order to produce “the sound of adrenaline”, I isolated the sound of a microphones clipping and digital distortions and stretched them out, thousands of times longer than their original duration, then layered and cross-faded them into a building sense of urgency, much in the way that adrenaline is a super intensified and super elongated sense of urgency. Mic clippings and digital distortions are a recording/mixing engineers worst nightmare, so it was a pleasure to incorporate them as instruments and perform them on a record.