Every Man Is An Island (Digital Download)


Released, 2015



Every Man Is An Island is an album that had been created over the course of many years. The songs were written largely during the time that my first album, Kids Today And Their Loud Jazz Music was being recorded. In fact it had gotten all the way to the stage of needing vocals, the stage which has invariably has taken the longest when making all my records, before being put on back burner so that I could work on other albums such as Flying Fish, then Vs. Other People and Vanilla Suburb… albums which for the most part had vocalists more readily available or inapplicable. Then one day I posted a song onto my Facebook page for the second time, “Trust The Light” by Knower and a friend Dale Turner, a guy who really deserves a paragraph of his own (A teacher at the Musicians Institute with amazing original music – look him up), tells me that the singer for that group, Genevieve Artadi, now works with him at the Musicians Institute… I don’t know why I hadn’t asked her if she were interested, it hadn’t dawned on me until that moment, even though I had been a fan for a year or two already. Anyway, she was down to sing a song or two… we became friends and she later decided she’d do the rest of it. A great pleasure to have her on this record. Listen to her band Knower – I have certainly found some inspiration through their work.