Music Lessons!

I am dedicated to providing the highest quality music lessons, the best method for learning and improving at any skill level, for the most incredibly reasonable price. Included with the purchase of any monthly private-lesson package, students also gains access to all live streaming practice-along sessions and group lessons for no extra charge! Some packages even include a copy of each lesson recorded in HD 1080p, so you can review your lessons and practice along anytime and as often as you like!

In-person lessons can certainly be arranged; however, here are five reasons why online lessons are every bit as good (if not better) than the old-fashion way:

1. Learn from the comfort of your own home
Wanna take a lesson with a beverage in your hand and six cats on your lap? Perfect! "Su casa es su casa"... meaning, not only is it possible to take lessons in a comfortable environment, but you don't even have to put on shoes and drive someplace to get there. If you live in a desert during the sweltering summer or in a below-zero wintery wonderland... or if you live in a crowded city as I do, where it takes 30 minutes to drive 5 miles, then you know that having to drive somewhere is usually enough reason to skip whatever you had planned. Online lessons are the solution.

2. Learn from anywhere in the world
Before moving to study at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, I grew up in a variety of small towns where there were only a very few number of people available who offered lessons. I had found that I could learn and grow only up to a certain point before eventually having to travel farther to seek lessons in larger towns and cities, where the selection of teachers is more broad and where the standards of excellence are defined in a more competitive environment. As a musician and as an artist, the bar had successively been raised for each progressively larger town I had migrated to while taking lessons. Now it is possible for anyone who lives in small-town north-west USA, as I originally had... or in the UK, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan, or anywhere in-between, to take lessons pragmatically in Los Angeles (or of course any other place) without facing any obstacles or altering the social aspects of your life in any way.

3. Schedule a convenient time for your lifestyle
A lesson with me can be scheduled for almost any time of day, provided I don't already have a lesson booked. My daily schedule usually consists of simply working on my own projects, then stopping only when someone hires me to work on their projects... this includes lessons, or mixing/mastering of albums, sessions, etc; point being that I make my own hours and can always make time for you. On a side note - being that people can take lessons from literally anywhere in the world, nocturnal humans that live overseas can potentially even take lessons at midnight through the wee hours of the morning if they so desire, thanks to the time difference... that kind of convenience was very unlikely, if not impossible, before the advent of online lessons. 

4. Studio recording of every lesson
Although people do sometimes bring a device into their lessons which records audio, such as a digital voice recorder or cell phone... I am set up to record with the same studio equipment that I use when recording for albums which guarantees high quality audio. Also, I record HD video as well! It was very common in the past for professional quality instructional videos to be made and sold; but never recorded live, exclusively tailored to your goals, while also enabling you to ask the instructor any questions that you might have - until now, with online lessons.

5. Accessibility
Ok, this isn't necessarily something that you can count on with online lessons in general... but you can when you take lessons with me. I make it a point to let students know that they can message me anytime throughout the week with a question regarding your previous lesson or if you come across something while practicing that you are uncertain about. 

Getting started!
Teaching is really a blast when the student is inspired, determined and excited to learn. If you've been thinking about taking lessons, don't hesitate to send me a simple message via the contact page here on my website, or add me as a friend on FB and send me a message!

For details on lesson packages and rates, click here!